A Pea Souper on the Pevensey Marshes

A true pea soup fog on the marsh this morning . It’s common to have a ground mist out there, sometimes even a fairly thick mist but not one of these old fashioned sea fogs that clings to the landscape right through the early morning hours and lingers nearly to midday. While the fog adds an element of drama and transforms the landscape it also presents a bit of a challenge for shooting – not least of which is the camera’s autofocus not picking up anything through the mist and therefore refusing to fire the shutter release: no picture. Several times this morning I had the infuriating experience of returning to my camera and tripod, feeling smugly pleased with myself for hitting my marks just-so and discovering that while I might have been perfectly in position, the camera hadn’t fired. The good news was that the fog lingered and allowed for multiple takes, hit and miss – this being one of the hits.