The Art of the Ride

Journeys At Home

“Travels at Home”

Every morning I set off on a journey, up at sparrows and down the street on my bicycle, exercising my imagination as much as my legs. By the time I return to the house an hour or two later, having witnessed the sunrise and put however many miles of town and country beneath my wheels, I feel as though I have been places, seen things, travelled in the grand old sense of the word. Over the past year I have been bringing along my camera and tripod and photographing these daily jaunts as though they were travel stories. As a middle-aged travel romantic it’s the perfect restorative for a world rendered small and shopworn by too many frequent flier miles. Distances take on their old true measure. There are no anonymous, miles on a bicycle. Each one is rich in detail and ripe for discovery. In slowing down, taking my time and looking around I find myself seeing with new eyes, finding beauty in the familiar and the exotic close to home, and satisfaction in realisingthat you don’t need to hop on a plane to experience a sense of wonder and the romance of difference. And so this gallery of images, one which I hope conveys something of the magic of being out and about on a bicycle, the charm of the Sussex countryside and the jauntiness, innocence and optimism that a bicycle in the landscape somehow suggests. I hope you’ll see some images here you like.