Travels At Home
A Cyclist on the English Landscape

Photography by Roff Smith

Cyclist pedalling along English country and in pretty autumn light

“First Blush of Autumn”

Every morning I set off on a journey, up at sparrows and down the street on my bicycle, exercising my imagination as much as my legs. By the time I return to the house an hour or two later, having witnessed the sunrise and put however many miles of town and country beneath my wheels, I feel as though I have been places, seen things, travelled in the grand old sense of the word. To that end I bring along my camera and tripod and record ┬áthese journeys as though they were travel stories, celebrating the freedoms and simple joy of a bicycle ride and the marvels of travelling at home. I find myself seeing with new eyes and delighting in the discovery that you don’t need to hop on a plane to experience a sense of wonder or the romance of difference. It’s right on my doorstep. And on yours too, if you look.